Varnyathil Aashanka

Review for Varnyathil Aashanka (U):


Language: Malayalam

Genre: Comedy Political Drama

Duration: 02 Hours 16 Minutes


Theatre: Aries Plex Trivandrum (Audi 5)

Status: 50%



1: Direction

2: Story

3: Screenplay

4: Cinematography

5: Performance of lead actors

6: Editing

7: Good humours



No specific Cons to mention


One Word: Varnyathil Aashanka is an excellent political comedy satire movie which can entertain every king of audience for a big time.


Varnyathil Aashanka tells about four thieves Kowta Siva (Kunchacko Boban), Pratheesh (Shine Tom Chacko), Gilbert (Manikandan) and Wilson (Chemban Vinod) from different places of Thrissur. Four of these guys joins together and began to start small robberies but in need of money for settling their life they plans a big robbery on a Hatral Day. Their master plan was to rob jewellery and in between their robbery an unknown man named as Dayanandan (Suraj Venjaramoodu) gets involved which has a crucial connection to one of the member of four gang. Rest of the story tells about their robbery along with the stranger and the political scenarios of present society.


*Overview to Direction, Story and Screenplay:


As the third film of Siddharth Bharthan after Nidra and Chandrettan Evideya he once again proved that he is best in making meritorious movies. Varnyathil Aashanka can be also described as enthusiastic and realistic comedy political drama. The entire treatment of the movie was purely fresh and genuine. The way the movie travels to the actual plot is really interesting with good comedy track. The story and screenplay by Thrissur Gopalji was brilliant, no words to describe. All the major present political problems in our society was pointed out effectively in the script. The character justification for every actors had portrayed well by the writer and the director and Sidharath Bharathan had used his best creative efforts for making a true engaging entertaining movie. The actual plot was well executed and directed by the director with good entertaining elements which the viewers won’t find any kind of lagginess till the end. The entire direction was passionate and the total making of the film to a realistic engaging movie deserves a big applause. One of the targeted elements of the movie was comedies and the final result of humors was moved to an excellent level. The political scenarios were also shown brilliantly.


Casting and Performance:


1: Kunchacko Boban who played one of the central characters named ‘Kowta Shiva’ delivered a brilliant performance. As a thief all his characterization qualities were perfect. His Thrissur style language was also delivered excellently.


2: Suraj Venjaramoodu who played the character Dayanandan did an outstanding job. He proved once again that he can do any kind of challenging roles. His realistic approach to the character deserves a big applause. All his perfect natural way of acting and his comedy timings was superb. Hats off to him for yet an another brilliant performance.


3: Shine Tom Chacko who played the character Pratheesh also delivered a good job. All his seriousness was really matching to the character and his few comedy encounters were also fine.


4: Manikandan Achari who played the character Gilbert delivered a nice performance. His character was interesting and funny. His dialogue delivery was really perfect and as one of the main lead his performance was also good.


5: Chemban Vinod as Wilson also did a brilliant job. His comedies and his acting were really entertaining. His innocent and friendship attitude was also perfect, did a good job.


Rachana Naryanankutty who handled the main female lead as Keerthana and as the wife of Suraj Venjaramoodu performed brilliantly and Sunil Sukhada character was also good and funny. The Cameo Roles of Gayatri Suresh, Tini Tom, Dinesh Prabhakar was also perfect and fine.


Technical Aspects:


The cinematography by Jayesh Nair was really good. The natural beauty of village was captured accurately and the frames and shots of robbery scenes were also brilliant. The visuals of night shots was also good and Prashant Pillai’s musical composition and BGM was also perfect and the editing by Bavan Sreekumar was also crisp and clear, mismatches were not felt at any stage.


So Varnyathil Aashanka is yet another a brilliant movie which have a good realistic political satire plot with engaging comedies which will entertain for you for a big time. I will recommend this movie to anyone who is seeking to watch a genuine movie, just go for it.


Verdict: Excellent

Rating: 8/10


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