Jab Harry Met Sejal

Review for Jab Harry Met Sejal (U/A):


Language: Hindi

Genre: Romantic, Comedy

Duration: 02 Hours 24 Minutes


Theatre: Aries Plex Trivandrum (Audi1)

Status: 70%



1: Screenplay

2: Direction

3: Performance of lead actors

4: Music and BGM

5: Cinematography

6: Editing



1: Same old predictable story


One Word: Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma makes up Jab Harry Met Saijal completely worth watch. A perfect Paisa Vasool and Feel Good Romantic Entertainment.


Jab Harry Met Sejal tells about the life of Harry (SRK) and Sejal (Anushka). Harry works as a tourist guide and Sejal visits to Europe. A search for Sejal’s engagement ring makes Harry to understand what is love and how to make relationships better and Sejal experiences newfound freedom, security and solace in Harry’s company. Rest of the story tells about their journey.


The story by the director Imtiaz Ali was simple, a same old repetitive story of two strangers which had nothing new to offer, but the screenplay makes the story refreshing and entertaining. The funny and interesting elements which Imtiaz put into this plot were totally engaging till the end. According to the liberal point of view of a flirty character named Harry played by SRK and stubborn female character Sejal played by Anushka Shetty the movie travels on a complete fun ride with a beautiful feel good romance. The movie was mainly targeted to create comedies and romance and the final result was impressive and good followed with a stunning visual beauty of a couple trips which was really intensive. The screenplay is the real backbone of this movie; in fact the story doesn’t have anything new but the screenplay help to maintain a feel of refreshing feel good romance. The romantic scenes of the movie was absolutely brilliant, towards the end of the first half the movie began to give a new feel of pure love followed by an incredible acting of SRK and Anushka and till the end the makers and the main leads doesn’t made any comprises to it.


Coming to the casting Shahrukh Khan who played the main lead character Harry did an excellent job. I will definitely say this a terrific comeback from SRK. What’s an audience is expecting from SRK he completely gives it on a new brilliant level. The comedy timings was so good and the romance of SRK no words to describe its purely awesome. His emotional scenes were outstanding, the tears rolled from his eyes will definitely melt the heart of viewers and Anushka Sharma as usual yet an another brilliant impressive performance. Her timings in telling the dialogue delivery was shocking and amazing. Her emotional scenes need to get a big applause and the romantic scenes performed by Anushka deserve a big and huge thumps up. All her expressions of love,anxiety, fear, fun,etc.. was wonderful and terrific. The supporting roles of Aru Krishnansh Verma and Evelyn Sharma were also good. Here in casting it’s all about the heart stealing performance from SRK and Anushka. Hats off to both.


Coming to the Direction of Imtiaz Ali, an another best cinematic work. The story was also handled by him but he gives more importance and priory to the screenplay which was outstanding. The screenplay was absolutely ablaze and stunning. A same old simple story was taken to a different new level by the screenplay. All the engaging elements which Imtiaz had added to this story were graceful and elegant. The direction was really passionate by his new ideas of romance, comedies and situational scenarios. No lagginess was felt in direction and the climax of the movie was also convincing and interesting. Personally without any kind of hesitation I would say yet an another brilliant directional execution by Imtiaz Ali.


The musical work by Pritam was melodious and also one of the important plus factor of this movie. The Radha Song was superb; the mix of Bhangra and Garba will gives us a North Indian Desi party feel. The title song Safar by Arjith is now my favorite, a touching feel good song and the BGM by Hitesh Sonik was also perfect, he had worked out hard to maintain the real flow and feel of each and every intensive scenes. The cinematography by K.U Mohanan was astonishing. The frames of Netherlands to Nur Mahal connecting to beach, opera, parties, natural sceneries were magical and marvelous. The entire DOP work gives a perfect amazing visual treat of Prague, Amsterdam, Vienna, Lisbon and Budapest. The editing by Aarti Bajaj was fine, at the beginning of the movies the cuts were not steady but later on till the end the editing was crisp and clear.


So overall I felt this movie as a complete worth watch and I will recommend Jab Harry Met Sejal to anyone who is seeking to watch a simple feel good romantic movie and also if you love to see a terrific performance of Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma just grab the tickets and go for it won’t disappoint in any manner. Just go and feel the moments of Harry and Sejal.


Verdict: Very Good

Rating: 7.5/10


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