Review for MOM (U/A):


Language: Hindi

Genre: Revenge Drama Thriller

Duration: 02 Hours 23 Minutes


Theatre: Carnival Cinemas Kollam

Status: 40%



1: Direction

2: Screenplay

3: Cinematography

4: Music and BGM

5: Performance of lead actors




1: Same old revenge Story




ONE WORD: MOM is all about an intensive emotional revenge drama of a mother which is a worth watch for a one time watch.


Mom revolves around a biology teacher named as Devaki, a loving wife and mother of two beautiful daughters who is leading a perfect happy family. Arya, a sensitive girl, believes a daughter comes into a mother’s life, but a mother does not enter that of a daughter. Devaki patiently waits for Arya’s love and acceptance as she believes only a mother can truly understand the silence of her child. An unfortunate incident happens to Arya and it makes a wide distance between Arya and Devki, to a point of no return. On that terrible situation Devaki makes a choice ‘not between’ what is wrong or right’, but between ‘what is wrong and very wrong.” Rest of the story tells what will a mother do in such a situation; will she fight for her daughter’s love knowing the consequences she may have to face?


As an emotional revenge thriller drama ‘MOM’ resulted out as a perfect movie which is totally a worth watch because of the way the movie travels to the main story. As revenge drama on the backdrop of family scenario everything seems to be predictable but here ‘MOM’ come out with a new ideas and fresh way of making which was really different and interesting. As a women oriented movie the lead female character completely takes the show. The way the movie travels through the lead female central character is thrillingly conveyed. Here it’s not on actions, the brainy ideas used for the revenge makes thrilling. The screenplay gives a phenomenal going through for all the central characters. The entire story is predictable from the beginning but the screenplay made the entire movie to a new thrilling and emotional level.


The story by Ravi Udyawar, Girish Kohli, Kona Venkat Rao is simple, repetitive and predictable but the screenplay by Girish Kohli is the main hero. Whatever a revenge thriller drama is required the screenplay gives it on a best way. All the fresh thoughts and thrilling ideas in the movie which is used for the revenge will makes the viewer’s thrill to see whats gonna happen next. The screenplay is well balanced and perfectly written for Sridevi to perform the lead female character. The emotional factors in the story and screenplay is really touchy, the relationship of step mom and a daughter is brillaintly portrayed in the movie, all those combinations scenes of Sridevi and Sajal Ali is a major plus factor of this film due to their brilliant emotional performance.


As a debutant director Ravi Udyawar had given his best ideas for a perfect thriller drama. The entire making was passionate and the new ideas which the director used in this movie for the revenges deserve a big thumps up. The movie shows a reflection of the darker side of the society and the upbringing of the male population who still looks down upon women and treats them as sexual objects. Ravi Udyawar had done a good job on his direction and it was really passionate and the execution was a having a genuine standard for engaging thriller movie. One of the interesting aspects of the movie is the story, its same old repeat story but the director had clearly focused on the great performances and gripping subject line and the screenplay which make ‘Mom’ watchable.



Performance of Lead Actors:

Sredevi who played the lead female character Devaki did a brilliant job. All her emotional scenes were outstanding. As a mother her combinations scenes with her daughter is really worth watch. The way she approached to the character deserves a big applause. The revenge scenes of Sredevi are a major plus factor of the movie and it’s thrilling. Her acting at the climax deserves a big applause, perfect naturally was witnessed.  Akshaye Khanna’s character of investigative officer was stylish and energetic. As an investigative he delivered a class style of performance. Nawazuddin Siddiqui as a private dectative delivered an another brilliant performance. His solo style way of investigation was superb and his situational humours were also brilliant. Sajal Ali as the daughter of Sredevi also delivered a class performance, her emotional scenes in the movie was so brilliant. Adan Siddiqui supportive character as a loving father and a husband had done a decent job.


The Music and BGM by A.R Rahman was excellent. The BGM was fully powered packed for a best thriller, it’s a major plus factor for this movie and it deserves a special mention. The cinematography    by Anay Goswamy was very impressive. The climax frames was superb and the single shot and the high angle shot at the first half of car moving in the lonely street was outstanding. The close up shots of the main characters showing their emotions was captured brilliantly and the editing by Monisha R. Baldawa was also crisp and clear.



So overall, MOM is a decent revenge emotional drama which has a routine storyline but its watchable till the end because of the brilliant performance from Sridevi and Nawazuddin Siddique and reminding that MOM is a bit slow in between but the ending will sort out all the issues. So to conclude if you are looking to watch a crime saga, MOM is surely the one for you which won’t disappoint in any manner.


Verdict: Above Average

Rating: 6.5/10


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