Jagga Jasoos

Review for Jagga Jasoos (U/A):


Language: Hindi

Duration: 02 Hours 47 Minutes

Genre:  Musical/Adventure/Comedy/Mystery


Theatre: Ariesplex Screen 6

Status: 90%



1: Direction

2: Cinematography

3: CGI

4: Music and BGM

5: Art Direction

6: Choreographing

7: Performance of lead actors



1: Fun oriented story but no logics

2: Average Screenplay

3: Editing


Initial Impression: Jagga Jasoos is a half boiled musical adventure movie which is a worth watch for one time.


Jagga Jasoos story deals with Jagga (Ranbir Kapoor) a curious and shy young boy who lives in little town lives a happy life with his accident-prone father, Bagchi (Saswata Chatterjee). After admitting Jagga into Boarding School, his father suddenly disappears from the scene. Feeling abandoned, Jagga’s only contact with his father is a VHS tape that he receives in the mail every year on his birthday. Armed with sharp detective skills, Jagga sets out to solve the mystery of his missing parent. Along the way he finds a partner in Shruti (Katrina Kaif) an accident-prone journalist with her own international criminal case to solve. Using a few tricks he learnt from Bagchi, Jagga and Shruti embark on a mission to uncover details of his father’s mysterious life and find themselves embroiled in a worldwide smuggling racket.


Jagga Jasoos is all about a musical adventure comedy film which won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. The story doesn’t have any logics but the comedies and the situational music of the main characters was quiet impressive to a level. For the kids this movie is a gonna worth watch but for adults most of them gonna find it average and those who like to watch an experimental movie, it’s a must watch. It’s all about an experimental movie and the entire concept and ideas is based on a full-fledged musical adventure film. The movie shows a message but it shows the main concept with a witty flair. The movie has a brilliant balanced casting and the main characters have done their best in what we had expected. Half of the movie struggles in varying the real pace especially in the first half and the musical areas in the entire movie seems to be little bit exaggerated. The targeted comic elements to the confrontations make it fun to an extreme but not fully. All the musical poetry in the movie has a good message to offer and it flows in a good way. The lyrical dialogues in the movie make it very lengthy and it was used overly also. If you love to see an ok musical film you can enjoy this Disney’s Musical Drama, or else you can’t.


The direction, story and screenplay by Anurag Basu were resulted out above average. The direction was perfect and smooth but the screenplay was not fast for the main story. Anurag Basu’s story for a musical adventure movie was ok but at many areas his targeted musical dialogues was found awful and exaggerated. Still wonder why did the director doesn’t found the musical poetry over length. In between I noticed that many of the viewer’s found it boring, the makers could have been focused more to make those elements trimmer. The story by Anurag Basu doesn’t offer any logics; it’s all about an ok comedy flow. The screenplay loses its grip at many areas especially in the first half and mid of second half. The targeted suspense in the plot doesn’t create enough hype for the twist at the end. Anurag Basu making is different and stylish to a Hollywood level but he could have been concentrated more on the story and screenplay for an engaging adventure film.


The music by Pritam stands out for an amazing Wow level. Pritam’s brilliant use of music in intertwining the dialogues into songs and poetry was outstanding. The movie has six main songs but overall movie have nearly 30 musical conversation poetries. The BGM was excellent and it maintained a perfect serious flow throughout. Lyrics by Amitabh Battacharya is absolutely fantastic, all his lyrics for the musical conversation was having the right meaning for the situation.


The cinematography by Ravi Varman for this film will surprise everyone, no doubt absolutely outstanding. All his frames convey a true magical work of a real cinematography. The close up shots of wild animals was too brilliant. The visuals of Cape Town and Shimla were captured beautifully. The camera movements for the chasing scenes was shot at an extreme thrilling level, overall Ravi Varman’s cinematography work is a big magical visual treat which deserves a big million applause.


Coming to the Casting:

1: Ranbir Kapoor who played the lead main character ‘Jagga’ did a mind blowing performance, he shows what he is capable of. The acting was totally realistic, he just lived into the soul of the character. All his emotional scenes was really touchy. His timings in humour areas was totally excellent and the his romance had also worked out well. The way he handled the musical conversation also deserves a big thumps up. He proved that he is a gem for a real actor, hats off.

2: Katrina Kaif: Katrina was cute, charm and beautiful. Katrina as a school teacher and a journalist gives her best and does a decent job. Her situational comedies were also fun and the little romance with Ranbir also worked out well. As usual her dance moves was brilliant.

3: Saswata Chatterjee: Saswata Chatterjee as the guardian of Jagga whom he calls TutiFuti delivered an outstanding job. His emotional scenes was really intense and touchy, his combination scenes with Ranbir shows a real tactile and gushing emotional connective touch.

4: Saurabh Shukla: His character of ex IB officer was good, he was not having much screen presence but what he had he did it fine. Saurabh’s one of the musical conversation scenes with Ranbir and Katrina was really fun. As a villain (not the main) he did it brilliantly.

5: Master Saravajeet: His character of young ‘Jagga’ did a an impressive performance in his part, really good.


The editing by Ajay Sharma was really disappointing. Many mismatches were found especially at the second half of chasing scenes, the cuts were not crisp and clear. The editing was resulted out average. The art director Parijat Poddar had given a stunning job. The sets were really impressive and the choreography by Vijay Ganguly was also good. The visual effects team and sound department had also done an outstanding job. Besides editing all other technical department had worked out hard for a good big result.


So overall Jagga Jasoos had given me an above average experience because of the half boiled story and screenplay. It’s engaging upto the end but in between it may kill your patience because of the exaggerated over musical work.So to conclude if you love to see a musical adventure comedy drama Jagga Jasoos is an ok choice and also the movie is worth watch to see Rabir Kappor’s brilliant performance along with lots of stunning magical visuals of Ravi Varman, so better to watch it with average expectations.


Verdict: Above Average

Rating:  6/10


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