Review for Tiyaan​ (A):

Theatre: New Theatre Trivandrum (Screen 1)
Status: 90%

Language: Malayalam
Genre: Thriller/ Drama
Duration: 02 Hours 47 Minutes

1: Direction
2: Story and Screenplay
3: BGM
4: Performance of lead actors
5: Cinematography

1: Editing
2: Music

One Word: Tiyaan can be described as one of the best political-social and epical class thriller film which is totally a worth watch.

Tiyaan revolves around a village, situated a few hundred kilometres from Badrinath, named Shankar Ghat that is inhabited by a secular crowd. Pattabhiramagiri (Indrajith) and his ancestors have been living in the land for generations. However, with a godman named Mahashey (Murali Gopy) wanting to build his ashram at the village, the lives of Pattabhiramagiri and the villagers come under threat, there comes an unknown man to help him with a lots of mystery lies behind.

The first part of the movie is completely in the hands of Indrajith Sukumaran. The first half tells about his life, customs and his family and the people of his villagers and their struggling land issues. Prithviraj Sukumaran was having less to perform in the first half but all his screen presence in the first half leads to upcoming crucial areas of the story. The Hindu religious ideologies and the Muslim religious ideologies were beautifully shown in the movie without any kind of upper hands. From the second half the movie travels to the actual story connecting to the flashback of Aslan Muhammed (Prithviraj). The flashback scene were having the backdrop of actions, family and the social issues and the movie ends on all the connecting leads showing who is the real Tiyaan.

The story and screenplay by Murali Gopy​ was the main hero and it was extremely powerful. The bold theme of Tiyaan which connects to the current social-political scenario was shown really brilliant. Not only the social issues the story was also having good emotional elements of family backdrop. The revenge elements which the movie conveys are really engaging and thrilling. The meaningful and philosophical dialogues in the movie were really impressive and there are certain powerful dialogues which gives goosebumps to the viewers. Murali Gopi had given his best in his writings for a best engaging thriller drama.

The direction by Jiyen Krishnakumar​ was terrific and outstanding, each and every scenes are carefully and brilliantly executed. Whatever the things are required for an engaging drama thriller, the director had given his best ideas which worked out perfectly and and it’s a fact that the entire making was passionate and his directional work was having a true genuine standard, absolutely brilliant work.

Coming to the Casting:
Prithviraj Sukumaran​ who played the character Aslan Muhammed delivered a top class level of acting. No words to describe, yet an another outstanding performance from Prithviraj. His way of approach to the character deserves a big thumps up and a huge applause. All his expressions were so good and his seriousness in telling the dialogues was so brilliant. The actions sequences was completing safer in the hands of Prithviraj and all his actions were daring and also his emotional scenes, it was really touchy. Hats off to Prithviraj Sukumaran.

Indrajith Sukumaran​ who played the role of Pattabhiraman Giri had delivered an another brilliant performance. The first half of the movie completely belongs to Indrajith and he brings an intensive performance. As a scholar and as a good father he had given a genuine way of acting. His actions, anger and sorrows was portrayed perfectly. The emotional scenes were so good and the combination scenes with Prithviraj were so classy and his action sequences towards the end had made a powerful impact in the theatre, brilliant job.

MURALI GOPI’s negative character as Remakant Mahashay was really good. His villain character was really challenging and he had given his given best. All the darker shades in his character was portrayed brilliantly.

The supportive roles of Shine Tom Chacko​, Suraj Venjaramoodu​ and RAHUL MADHAV were also good and they had done true justice to their respective characters.

Ananyaa​’s as lead female character Amba was also good and she really scored well on her emotional scenes. The cameo appearance of PADMAPRIYA as Vasundhara Devi was a crucial character and she delivered a neat performance and it’s evident that she was a perfect choice to do that role. NAKSHATRA INDRAJITH as Arya Pattabhiraman daughter also delivered a good performance.
To be honest the makers had bring up a perfect casting and everyone was really good in handing their respective characters.

The cinematography by SATHEESH KURUP is an another plus factor for this film and his DOP deserves a special mention. The entire frames of UP landscapes were shown beautifully. The close up shots of Aghori’s and shots of darkened caves in the second half was totally brilliant and also the frames of actions sequences was shown terrifically.

The BGM work of GOPI SUNDER was extraordinary. The intro BGM of each central characters and also the background score of actions sequences was composed brilliantly but the Music was not surprising, the songs was felt average.

The editing by MANOJ was fine but no great, because in the second half at many areas the cuts were not perfect, something was not right and mismatches was felt. Overall the editing was quite decent. The Art department and the Costume department of this movie deserve a big thumps up.

So overall Tiyaan had given me a best cinematic experience because of its story, screenplay, direction and the top class performance of central characters. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but I will truly recommend this genuine movie for those who are looking to watch a good classy thriller drama.

Verdict: Excellent
Rating: 8/10

Review By Arun Jyothi Valiyaveetil

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